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I found Bobbi's CD, Terminal Station, to be a lyrically pictureque collection of songs. There's nicely orchestrated melancholy here, comforted by Bobbi's gentle voice. From an easy the feel of a Beatles ballad, there's a lot to like on this CD.

Brian Hazelbower
Host of Songwriters Circle on CHLY 101.7

Bobbi Schram's first CD, "Terminal Station", has me looking forward to more. She has a way with words, her lyrics invite you in, her music offers comfort blended in song. Bobbi's song's tell stories that can make you smile or bring a tear to your eye while warming your heart.

Pam Edgar
Cohost of Songwriters Circle on CHLY 101.7

Bobbi recently sang at our monthly coffee house. We were all mesmerized by her voice and original song's. What a talented singer / songwriter she is! She introduced most songs with a short personal story, giving her performance an intimate touch. We're looking very forward to our next Bobbi Schram concert!

Eve Reinarz
Supportive Apartment Living - Nanaimo, BC

I love the CD. It's beautiful. Very well produced. My hat off to both you and Jerry, and the other artists involved. Ric Lafontaine /

ric lafontaine
Your cd

...a Vancouver Island singer/songwriter/musician/entertainer...the islands Jerry Paquette recently produced Bobbi's first cd, highlighting her wonderful vocals thereby letting her lyrics command the attention they desire... Longevity John, Duncan Garage Showroom

Longevity John

This is a review by me...Bobbi! The Jammin For Jerry concert was absolutely great! Thank you to so many people who helped to put it together. It was a great concert to work on, for a very special man indeed. Also many thanks to all the people who came to see the show..most of whom know Jerry, or know of him and want to show their support throughout his recovery. We love you Jerry!

Jammin For Jerry concert

A great friend of the community especially the music community has passed away. Our wonderful Jerry Paquette of Raincoast Studio. For me, Jerry helped me to bring out my music, and let myself go with it. He never tried to change it, and we worked so well together. I was so looking forward to working again on the second album, we had already laid down 7 songs. But I am so greatful for the time we had to do these songs, and get to know eachother. I'll remember and miss Jerry for the rest of my life. I wish peace and good things for his family, they're all very nice people. Thank you Jerry, you have my highest respect, gratitude and honour, Bobby.

For Jerry Paquette
a thank you

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"Glad she took your're very talented". rc This was after seeing famous artist R. C. Bannon in Nashville at the Nashville Songwriters Association International for a consultation. After the session via email I told him one of my songs was picked to take, at a pitch to publisher night at NSAI. I really appreciated it.

R.C. Bannon

since I don't have a place yet on my website to tell you news I'll do it here for now. I've been working for a few months at the wonderful Blue Frog Studios in White Rock on a new collection of original songs. This is with well known engineer Pat Glover who is absolutely great to work with. The songs are coming along nicely, and we'll have a finished product in the not to distant future. I opened for David Gogo there in their beautiful stage room on june 9th, that was a lot of fun. So I've been busy, just not as much with performing, but I plan on getting out more when the new work is completed. I have some new video footage at youtube bobbi schram. Thanks! added October 11th 2012

from Bobbi
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Bobbi Schram Bio

As a child Bobbi was fortunate enough to have parents who were hooked into the burgeoning pop and folk music scene. They played the Beatles, and other popular musicians, quite regularly. She would sing and dance around with them all. At thirteen Bobbi received her first guitar, followed by lessons while in grade school. In her teenage years she listening to Carly Simon, Carol King, Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, Roberta Flack, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel to name but a few.

Bobbi started composing and writing by age 15. Then started dabbling around with piano by 18. Over many years she taught herself enough piano to make her own style of songs. Growing up, Bobbi mostly played to family and friends, only recently has she started performing to larger audiences. Her style is easy listening, soft, ballad type songs. Many have a story behind them, or some kind of point to convey.

In 2006, Raincoast Studio's Jerry Paquette agreed to take on the project of making a cd of Bobbi's songs. For two years Bobbi and Jerry worked to develop and record fourteen songs, most being on piano with vocals, and a few on guitar with vocals. She also had help some very talented musicians; James Mark on violin, Marjory Dow on cello, Brad Hawkes on percussion, and Bill Poppy on ullean pipes.

Having finished her first full-length project, Bobbi hopes to continue her writing and continue to perform and see what the future holds.