Performances and Other

Images captured during concerts and other music related pursuits.

bobbi schram at the Coaltown Festival 2007. bobbi schram in the Raincoast Studio. bobbi schram performance, Nanaimo, St. Pauls church 2008.
bobbi schram performance, Ladysmith 2008. bobbi schram on mini vacation in log cabin with guitar. Thinking up lyricis. wonderful songwriting retreat Two Eagles Lodge
Crow and Gate Pub Happy Canada Day 2009! coaltown festival 2009
serious coffee with brad hawkes my mexican guitar! Nov. 2009 presenting
Alyse Paquette at Duncan Garage Showroom feb 21 2010 Jerry Paquette coaltown festival 2009 kindergarten class at pleasant valley school Christmas 2009
me susan cook brad hawkes at duncan garage showroom feb 21 2010 girls just wanna have Mexico! nov 2009 Bobbi and Brittany Buuck concert Gabriola